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The machine is suitable for all kinds of packing boxes of mechanical and food industrial,as well as plant plates of agricultural by vacuum forming.

1.This is a kind of new model,it controls by PLC programming touch screen,easy to operate.

2.Forming width can be adjusted by motor,clients can adjust the width between 450mm—710mm arbitrarily.

3.Pulling the sheet with Servo motor,it is fast,stable and homogeneous with a high accuracy

4.Cylinder diameter of lower die cylinder increase to 150mm,rod diameter increase to 90mm,making the top and bottom of lower die have a best degree of balance.

5.Special Vibration demould can adjust between 0-9 times at will,it is a best choice for product which has big depth and is fragile, difficult to demould.

6.Two upper die can protect product from deformation and crevice.

7.Upper and lower die adopts electric drive to adjust,which makes the operation convenient and concise,action reliable

8.This machine have quenching system and cold water mist device,it can work continuously when the mold without water to cold.It is applicable to non-metallic mold production.

9.Heating box with totally enclosed design,it make thermal energy can’t be wasted and can save electric energy drastically,compared with similar type to save electrical energy about 50% above.The temperature is controlled by electronic voltage regulating table,make it accurate.

10.The heating box can move right and left with Separate switch.Customer can adjust momentarily during production in order to product acceptable products.

11.The machine body adopts combination of pneumatic, mechanical and electrical appliances.Feeding, heating, shaping, cooling and demoulding realise automatic and continuous work,the Max. efficiency can reach to 4 seconds/one time.

12.The machine sets a lighting equipment for clients,and we can add or change various functions according to the request of clients.


2,Main Technical Data:

Spec. of Sheet


Width:500-680    Thickness:0.1-1.2

Feed Length 950-1220 Electrodeless Adjustment
Max Forming Area(mm) 680-1200
Max Forming Depth(mm) 150
Working Efficiency 3-8moulds/min
Electric Power Consumption AC380V/50Hz  48kw
Air Consumption 1.5m³/min Circumscribed air supply
Working Pressure(MPa) 0.6
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 7500*2000*2250
Weight(kg) 3500




Customizable Style Plastic Foam Egg Tray Making Machine

Customizable Style Plastic Foam Egg Tray Making MachineCustomizable Style Plastic Foam Egg Tray Making Machine

Customizable Style Plastic Foam Egg Tray Making Machine