Zipper closure 1/5 zip athletic pullovers for men. Stretchy, lightweight, fast-drying fabric for superior performance. REGULAR FIT - US standard sizes. An athletic fit that sits close to the body for a wide range of motion, designed for optimal performance and all day comfort. FEATURES - Quarter zip closure;Thumbholes on long sleeves to keep them in place during workout



Climbing pads are generally composed of XPE or EPE surface covered with environmental protection film, with a variety of patterns and beautiful colors. The crawling pad originated in Japan and South Korea, and the cognition of the Chinese market is gradually forming. The crawling pad can be used for the crawling exercise of infants and young children. It can also be carried out for outing at home, which is convenient and practical.

Our company's climbing pad folding machine is to heat the XPE or EPE rolled material and press out creases, folding the climbing pad along the crease, easy to carry out at home, easy to home storage storage

Applicable sheet
thickness 5-15mm
(mm)Feeding length
infinite adjustment
(mm)Max. Forming area
Max. Forming depth
working efficiency
3-10 moulds/minute
Total power


Main Features

1, PLC, touch screen control system, greatly improve the stability of the device, both self-monitoring function, simple and fast operation, can be based on different sets of memory storage, replacement mold, no need to re-temperature, pressure, time and other settings.
2, servo motor feed, accurate and no error, suitable for the production of large quantities of coil material, save the provincial materials.
3. The pressure forming part adopts a four-cylinder six-column automatic balance structure, thickens the worktable, and guarantees the compression molding accuracy ± 0.1 mm in each position.
4, pressure plate speed, flexible pressure, making the material better molding effect.
5, hydraulic system, supporting electrical appliances are imported famous products, power saving, small noise, simple operation, high efficiency.
The heating part of the oven is controlled by the inverter fan to drive the hot air cycle to heat up, and the heating effect is uniform and stable
7, the size of the company's equipment can be customized.

Detailed Images

Cutting Part

1.cutting method: Linear sliding table hob cutting
2. cutting width: adjustable
3 . motor: servo motor

Heating Part

1. Heating area:6000×2300(mm)
2. Heating method:Heating tube
3. Heating power:115kw
4. The heating box adopts high quality insulating material,preventing heat loss,energy conservation

Forming Part

1.MAx. Forming area:2400×1800(mm)
2. Forming method:compression moulding forming
3. forming depth:0-100mm
4. forming pressure:Max 200Ton,adjustable
5. control method:Hydraulic control up and down mould