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Mr. Mohamed from Egypt bought a big ps foam food container production line from us FUSHI company in 2016, The line contains 1*FS-FPP135/150 PS foam sheet extrusion line, 3* FS-YTA1000/1100 double robot arms model vacuum forming cutting stacking machine, 2* full auto recycle machine.

This line helps customer step in food packing industry and keep earn money for customer. Egypt is always our big market, we are pleased to do business with Egyptian, they are honest, humor, treat our engineers with the greatest enthusiasm, is the most hospitable country our engineers have encountered, engineer still remember the ultimate business travel experience.

Hope our Egyptian market will expand further and meet more great Egyptian customers.

We have sold many PS foam food container production line to Vietnam market, some directly from us, some are from trading company.

The customer is directly from us. He bought a big line FS-FPP105/120 ps foam sheet machine+ biggest FS-TYA1100/1400 forming cutting and double robot arms stacking machine+ full auto recycle machine in 2017, after run one year, they bought a second ps foam sheet extruder. As our biggest forming machine is supper effiency and stable performance, one set FS-FPP105/120 capacity is not enough to support.

We hope more and more Vietnam customer know us and buy machine from us. After epidemic, we will keep attending exhibitions in Vietnam.