New Customs Policy! Manifest Rule Changes on Import & Export!

Jul 12, 2018

China Customs has released Order No.56 to adjust inbound manifest rule which is to take effect on 1th June,2018.

Some adjustments are made on the outbound pre-manifest,for example:

1.The complete and accurate cargo information must be submitted to China Customs electronically 24 hours prior to loading on board vessel sailing to/via/out of Chinese ports.

2.Shipper’s TAX ID,shipper’s contact number,consignee’s company name as main data in the pre-manifest are adjusted to be mandatory fields.

3.All commodities under bills of lading must be declared in the manifest completely and accurately. China Customs will implement Negative List Management on the declared commodities. Any in-conformity to Customs regulation will be rejected

Many shipping companies have issued related announcements as well. And customers are required to provide accurate and complete shipping instructions before the documentation cut-off time as published on shipping companies’ websites. 


What changes will this adjustment bring about? 

As for cargo imported into mainland China or transited through mainland China, the complete and accurate manifest data of the cargo must be sent to China Customs via electronic data 24 hours before shipment,  June  1st, 2018.


What’s the meaning of complete and accurate manifest data?

The names of all cargos under the bill of lading shall be clearly and completely declared on the manifest, and the data items for the adjustment of the new manifest include:

1.USCC of the consignor

2.Phone number of consignor 

3.Enterprise Code of the shipper

4.Name of the consignee(or write down “To ORDER”in specific situation)

5.USCC of the consignee(If the consignee is “To ORDER”,then USCC is not required)

6.Phone number of consignee(If the consignee is “To ORDER”,then contact information is not required)

7.Name of the consignor(or write down “TO ORDER”in specific situation)

8.Enterprise Code of the consignee

9.USCC of the notify party is needed if the consignee is “TO ORDER”.

10.Phone number of the notify party is needed if the consignee is “TO ORDER”


Will the violations in the Manifest Fling be punished?

Penalty ordinance have been established by the Customs with regard to the violations in manifest filing. Name of ordinance is "The Implementation Ordinance of Administrative Penalty of the Customs of the People's Republic of China", which was issued and became effective in 2004.

Does the procedure lead to the disclosure of the clients’ information?

The procedure of new manifest adjustment does not lead to the disclosure of clients’ business sensitive information. 

Sensitive data items added to the manifest (except for the name of the consignee) shall not be shown on the bill of lading issued by the carrier. After the manifest is sent to the customs, the customs staff must protect the trade secrets and secrets relevant to customs work in accordance with the law.

The June 1st is around the corner, in order to make sure the goods go through customs smoothly, please pay attention to the registration of new manifest, and keep the goods from being detained!