Advantages Of Mechanical Arm Forming Machine

Jan 12, 2018

Forming area is bigger. Effective forming area is 1100×1400mm,is 1.4 times larger than traditional machine,it can be arranged more boxes. Assume that the traditional model of mould can arrange 20 boxes, 28 boxes mechanical model of mould can be arranged.

Production speed is fast. Heater box separate into three parts, hydraulic cutting speed is faster, and use mechanical arms to suck products, all above methods reduce the whole working time.

⑴ Heating box total length is 4.4m, relatively extend heating time, avoiding over high temperature melt the sheet, at the same time making better secondary foaming effect.

⑵ Hydraulic cylinder is bigger. Traditional model hydraulic cylinder bore is 160mm, while mechanical model’s is 220mm, contact area increase 1 time, the pressure on unit area decreases, so  that extend its life. Meanwhile, the impact on hydraulic circuit and solenoid valve decrease, extend their life too.

⑶ Mechanical arm stack products on both sides, which save the traditional model’s conveyor belt output time, increase the production speed on the whole.


Mechanical arm model production speed can reach 18-22cycles/min, each hour can produce 33000-37000pcs lunch box. While traditional model production speed is 12-15cycles/min, i.e. each hour can produce 12000-18000pcs, only the half efficiency of the mechanical arm model.

The edge material between of the two box on the traditional model mold has to be about 2cm, while on new mechanical arm model is not over 1cm. This greatly reduce waste material, make more finished products.

Save manpower, and reduce the cost. The two models use same manpower, need 3 workers/shift, so use new mechanical arm model could reduce production cost, making more profit.

Suck and pull the food containers up. Even the containers don’t sucked out successfully, this won’t affect next move.

Cutting area can move: driven by the motor,it is beneficial for changing the moulds and can save the time of changing moulds.

Electrostatic eliminators are set on cutting area,and storage area, it can eliminate the static produced during the forming process. May sure the safety of producting.

The guide rails are made of stainless steel, more durable than aluminum guide rails